Ex-Ads, exchange text ads. Get more visitors.
Create Adwords / Adsense like ads, target the countries you want and when you want.

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Ex-Ads, exchange text ads

Advertise with Ex-Ads, exchange text ads. Create Adwords / Adsense like ads, target countries and categories.

Setup your advertising campain in 3 easy steps. (You can always contact me for help.)

  • 1. Join our ad exchange system. |  Exchange account.

  • 2. Create Adwords / Adsense like text ads with our ad wizard. Select categories and target countries in which your ads should show.

  • 3. Put a piece of code generated by the ad wizard on your website.

  • ok Now your ads are shown on other participating websites.

  • ok Get more visitors.

  • ok Build backlinks through your ads.

  • padlock Advertisements are displayed without problems on https secured sites.

Exchanging instead of paying for ads is a great advertising alternative.

You earn impressions for your ads by showing other ads.

For clicks on your website you get extra impressions.

For referring a new user you receive a percentage of this users impressions and clicks for life.

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